Thursday, 10 March 2016

7 Vocal Health Tips For A Better Singing Voice

You only get one voice in this lifetime, so keeping your voice in tip top shape requires us to do few things and avoid others in order to maintain good vocal health.

Especially if you spend alot of time singing, whether professionally or for leisure you want to take care of your singing voice.

The type of music we sing can also play can be a factor in the "life" of our voice. If you are engaged in the type of singing that requires a level of strain, it's only a matter of time before long term damage occurs, unless you take steps to preserve your voice.

Below are 5 things to avoid in preserving your vocal health:

  1. Smoking. There are many reasons why smoking is detrimental to your singing voice. It's bad for your lungs which can restrict your breath support. Smoking can also cause inflammation of the tissues inside your throat which is a no-no for singers.
  2. Constant coughing or throat clearing. Some of us having a never ending Post nasal drip in the back of our throat. It can be feel restricting, so the natural thing to do would be to cough in order to clear her throat. The constant strain from coughing is not healthy for your vocal cords. 
  3.  Medications. many cold medicines and antihistamines contain the active ingredients to dry out nasal cavities. This can also cause other areas including our throat to be dry. Particularly when you are singing do you want to avoid such medications if possible.
  4. Desist from yelling and screaming. Excessively loud, prolonged, and/or inefficient voice use such as yelling can lead to vocal fatigue, hoarseness, and in some cases vocal hemorrhage. So the next time you are attempting to yell at your 14-year-old for not putting the dishes away, Think about your vocal health  before you do.
  5.  Alcohol. It doesn't mean you have to completely abstain from it, and particularly on performance and practice days do you want to avoid drinking. Alcohol will actually in your blood in your vocal cords which can lead to vocal damage.
Remember that your vocal cords are made up of very tiny and delicate muscles and tendons. Just like elastic band is stretched or strained may eventually break.

 We not only want to avoid bad habits, but develop a few good ones to prolong our singing voice. Below are few tips to improve your vocal health:
  • Take good care of your speaking voice. Your speaking voiceis also your singing voice. Therefore it is vital to apply the same care when speaking as you do when singing. For instance whenever speaking to someone pay attention to your posture and breathing and see if your body language and breathing are the same as when you sing.
  • Drink plenty of water. Hydration cannot be over emphasized when it comes to taking care of our singing voice. we want  to make sure that whenever we are some practicing or performing we have plenty of water nearby.
  •  Proper rest. just as a bodybuilder needs sufficient rest after a workout,we also need to allow for proper rest and quiet time following a performance. Also getting enough sleep is also key.
  •  Gently warm up. If you've ever been to a yoga class you know what we're talking about.we're talking low impact, light breathing, and in which you remove all tension. Never enter a performance cold.
  • Use a humidifier in your home. Especially in the drier months of the year, it may be worth considering having a humidifier in the house. It is not necessary though.
  • Practice proper techniques. Learning proper vocal warm up exercises as well as studying and applying basic singing techniques will aid you in improving tone and in learning how to sing high notes without causing local strain or damage.
  • Do stretches. take a few minutes before even a warm-up to stretch your body out.  Stretch the larger muscles like your chest and your back your legs. Finally, stretch of the neck and shoulders. it keeps you flexible and eliminates tension, which is a singers worst enemy.
Well, there you have it!  Hopefully by thinking about and practicing these singing tips on how to improve your vocal health and thus your singing voice, you will be able to achieve all of your singing goals.

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