Friday, 12 September 2014

4 Tips To Making It As A Singer

What Kind Of Singing Artist Are You?

singing lessonsThey say that musicians (including singers) are a dime a dozen. In other words there is more supply than demand. Maybe that's why there are so many fantastic singers auditioning on American Idol, The Voice etc.. and only a handful ever reach stardom. Certainly when watching these shows, we can appreciate the vocal coaching tips given to the potential winners in order to 'complete' them as artists. Are you a self proclaimed artist looking for a few advantages that can help you separate yourself and improve your chances for stardom? Here are a few suggestions that might give you the edge you need:

  • Understanding How Songs Work: Especially if you are a singer looking to write, you need to understand song structure - the mix of words and music. By now you should know, but if you don't - they are arranged in sections: chorus, verse, and bridge. The music sets the mood and the words express the meaning. Think of your favorite song. Why do you like it? What makes it unique from other songs? Can you identify its parts and feel it's rhythm? Practice creative writing, read poetry, and learn the basics of rhyme. Before you know it, you will improve your ability as a wordsmith.

  • Developing Good Stage Presence: It's one thing to feel comfortable on stage, it's another to command attention from your audience. Practice standing and moving on stage. Learn to effortlessly hold a microphone. Find the spot to hold it so you can sound your best. It is better to be too soft than too loud, especially when attempting to sing high notes. That's what sound techs are for. Learn to use and understand how sound systems work, so you can have more control over your personal sound. When on stage, avoid any negative talk, even if you are joking. Your audience is a mix of different tastes, prejudices, and sensitivity, so consider that when interacting with them. Record your performances, keep a journal, ask for honest feedback from other professionals. Remember your music is from you, not about you, it's about your listeners and how they resonate with your expression.

  • Learn The Business: Think about how you want your audience to see you. Avoid posting silly, insulting pictures or comments about yourself. It may come back to bite you in the ass. Most people don't, but it's highly recommended to become familiar with copy writing laws, whether you are performing another artists songs or you are wanting to protect your own songs which are your property. Learn to read a business contract. Even if you have an agent, read and fully understand before signing any contract. Join associations that support and create community within your business.

  • Define Your Image: Decide what kind of artist/singer you represent. Do you have the flexibility to cross genres? Look at famous singers to see how they developed their images, goals, and music. Stars like Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Micheal Jackson, or any who have had long careers of success and reinvention of themselves. Model their success while still remaining original. How do people perceive what to expect in a country artist compared to a death metal artist? Better yet, how can you create a paradigm shift in thinking, using your creative power to blend styles, forming a whole new type of music or look to that music?

Success Breeds More Success

As you continue your climb up the ladder of success, remember that you are in a large sea of performers all trying to achieve what you desire. In order to make yourself stand out, find out what they all have in common, and try something a little different. We already have The Jonas Brothers, Celine Dion, and Neil Young. Let's continue to evolve , create, and finally succeed in claiming our spot with such remembered artists. Oh and...Happy Singing!

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